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    Industrial design

    At García Abril Equipos Industriales S.L we have in our team great professionals, ready in body and soul. Our experience is our best letter of introduction.

    We have a human team that provides knowledge and experience within the design and manufacture of industrial machines or equipment.

    At present, GAEQUIP is a modern company in the metalworking sector, whose objective is to provide a good service to its clients, with efficiency, quality, speed and at the right price.

    We comply

    At Gaequip we are known for meeting our clients by offering solutions that give you the best guarantees of success. Gaequip, means satisfaction, means trust. Tell us what you need and we will find the best solution.

    We have great professionals such as engineers, mechanics, assemblers, who are capable of performing from the simplest machinery to complex robotic systems to improve production.

    With Gaequip you have at your disposal a highly qualified engineering team with the requirements that your company needs, delivered on the agreed date and with the maximum manufacturing guarantees as well as technical assistance after installation.

    Other sections

    What we do

    At Gaequip we develop high-performance machinery. Designing from the simplest machines to the most complex processes. We work for the entire national and international scope, for sectors such as industrial, automotive, technology and innovation.

    Why Gaequip

    In Gaequip you will find your company for the development of customized industrial solutions. We adjust to the needs of your company as well as to your most complex technical requirements.


    We advise and offer companies a global solution, from advice, design, engineering and production to the logistics phase and after-sales service. In this way we offer the client the possibility of focusing only on the core of their business helping them to grow.

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    More than 10 years of experience guarantee our work

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